How to Start Selling Essential Oils

Are you tired of 9-5 work hours?
Want to try something new?
Just had a baby and want to earn some extra cash on Maternity Leave?
Want to commit to a business and be your own boss?
If you are reading this it’s an opportunity that is worth a try?

How to Start Selling Essential Oils from a person who recently sold my local business!

I have recently sold my business!

It was a retail business that I ran online for 9 years with a strong philosophy of supporting cheap nba jerseys Local!
So when Young Living came into my life to be honest it jarred with my philosophy of shopping & supporting local. Local being at least Australian Made. But the fact is as I embrace the world of essential oils it’s hard to stay particularly true to Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Every plant needs optimum conditions to be produced to the highest of quality. Young Living owns thousands of acres of sustainable, organic farmland world-wide and Young Living are the world’s largest producer of Essential Oils. It is important plants are grown in their native environments, so trees at the Frankincense farm in Oman or Ylang Ylang trees at our Ecuador farm in South America are growing in the best conditions possible.

The truth is Young Living IS a local business.
Not a local business as in produced locally from Newcastle, NSW, Australia but is certainly distributed locally and is way 
more local than some of the giant corporations that we give our money too.  Young Living is emerging in Australia as a leader of therapeutic essential oils. It’s still tricky to find Utubes with Aussie accents… but this is something that you can change!

This could be you! Please have a listen.

How to start selling Essential Oils


Young Living is a family owned business who pride themselves on quality and have decided that the best way to cheap football jerseys market their product world-wide is through the use of Network Marketing.
Network Marketing is NOT the same as the old-fashioned term of pyramid selling,

When you purchase your Young Living Essential Oils from me you are ultimately supporting my local family;

and I am committed to staying true to local where possible.

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by a friend, and I absolutely fell in love with them.
I now use them to make my own household cleaners, DIY beauty products, roll ons for my children and my family.  Things like Lemon essential oil for coughs and colds, or peppermint for indigestion.   I found that I saved so much money by making my own products AND as a bonus I cut out toxic chemicals in my home environment.

To be honest, my previous online business gave me a taste of a lifestyle.  And what a better lifestyle than being immersed in amazing scents like Thieves, Peace&Calming and Envision.  I became so truly grateful for the lifestyle as it meant my time became so much more important & valuable than money as I was able to give birth to my babies and be around to watch them grow and take their first steps all while earning an income.
Working online also meant I was not forced to immediately return to my full-time 9-5pm.

I have witnessed the same lifestyle opportunities exist with the Young Living business model so I can now only build on what I have achieved so far, I do not want to go backwards!

Why Start a Young Living Business?

  • Young Living is a perfect add on for existing health & wellness business wouldn’t it be great if YL paid the rent?
    Yoga instructors who love the earthy grounding scents of Frankincense and Patchouli, fitness trainers who love the energy that comes with lemon, peppermint and grapefruit,  gym owners, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, holistic nutritionists, health coaches, hairdressers and  beauty therapists who love to diffuse some Peace & Calming II as clients enter their space and the list goes on?
  • Qualify for company retreats, bonus products and travel opportunities
  • Educate and help others make changes to their current health and wellbeing with Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses premium Young Living Essential Oils
  • Low-cost investment compared to other start up or existing small business
  • Supportive Team Work System – questions answered and support is there until goals are reached
  • Be your own boss and no employees
  • No high pressure selling (contrary to old-fashioned beliefs)
  • No inventory and no shipping
  • Earn a residual income – a side income or a very substantial income depending on how far you want to take your business
  • Excellent and cost effective training opportunities held monthly at the Young Living Sydney Office and other offices Australia Wide
  • Ideal for stay-at-home parents who do not wish to return so soon to their 9-5pm
  • Personal Development through self challenge and training
  • Professional Development Training available for every member at very affordable prices in the Sydney office
  • Work at your own pace no pressure to perform
  • Can start anywhere in Australia-Wide and then continue the business anywhere in the world
  • Home Based Business no need for shop front or rental space
  • Create a lifestyle and freedom to choose your own hours
  • Connect and network with like-minded people with passion for essential oils and who are keen to reach goals and who want to cheap jerseys wholesale achieve success in their lives
  • Great way to get family or friends to do the business with you

    Sound too good to be true?

Well, it is amazing and fun and  it is sharing your passion & it does give you the sweet taste of freedom!!
But like any business it does take a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment and a certain amount of cash flow.
You are making money after all and if it was that easy to make a substantial income, everyone would do it?

But it is absolutely achievable?

And I know, I know the skeptics like to let you know that it’s all a scam as we are all pressured to live by the rules of society but these views are mostly driven by fear. Many of us live in F.E.A.R



THE FIRST STEP before any business goes ahead, is to buy the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. To become a member of my team you will need to buy the kit through this site or contact me on the 1300# provided. Please note! You have no obligation to become a Young Living Business Builder by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit. The decision is entirely up to you! You can simply purchase the kit for your own personal use. The only way I fake ray bans will know that you are committed to building a business or using Young Living in addition to your current business is when & after you contact me.


The best way to learn about the product is to use the product.
Next you need to be passionate about the product. So passionate, it will come naturally to start chatting about the oils and how they have changed your life. Because they really do change your life!

Ever had a conversation with passionate people, passionate about their project, their life, their dream, their goals! It’s really,really exciting. It makes you feel alive – it’s where you are meant to be…

People in my current team have replaced their previous full-time income with their Young Living Business after just 2 years sharing the product.
Opportunities to earn $300-$1500 a month working part-time are very real!
NOW once you fall in love with using oils in your everyday life you can join me and my team that will provide you with ALL of the support you need to start your journey.

Not only do I have experience from my previous business to share with you, my husband and I are competent web-builders. We have a knowledgeable background of online business and everything entailed.

I have tonnes of valuable information to share with you also that I have acquired over my 9 years of managing my own business too. You can be assured that you will be supported every step of the way and your questions will always be answered. So please be sure to contact me as soon as you decide this is definately an opportunity for you!!!

this business is all about sharing.

Sharing is Caring!
Once you share your knowledge of  essential oils and how you have come to use them in your everyday life, honestly, the oils really sell themselves.

Lets talk money! Many of us don’t like to discuss money but when you are in business it’s a pretty open conversation.
Here’s a super simple explanation of the ranking and potential average monthly income (based on Young Living members in 2013 who ranked at Star or above):

Rank Average Monthly Income Average Annual Income

Star Average Monthly Income $73
<span VACANCY: style=”color: #5f009f;”> Senior Star Average Monthly Income $261
Executive Average Monthly Income $617
Silver Average Monthly Income $2,335

and it goes on and up from there…

Isn’t it amazing to see what’s possible?
What could you do with an extra $261 a month? Or how about an extra $2,335 a month?

It can be done. I’ve done it myself.

The ultimate bonus you will earn once you achieve the rank of Silver within six months after reaching the rank of Executive is the Aroma Complete set.
It’s a worth over $2,000 and it’s a kit of approximately 100 Young Living essential oils.
Can’t wait?!!?!?!?!?

Ready to Get Started?
I will help you!
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