My name is Bren and with my wife Kacy and our three daughters we are living a minimalist lifestyle based on #zerowaste and #plasticfree goals.

By goals we mean that we are far from achieving those ideals just yet, but we #liveconsciously and make considered choices around our consumption of consumer goods.

We love outdoor based activities like Surf Lifesaving, Park Run and Roller Skating - that is when I'm not working online...

We're an Australian based family business operating our of Merewether NSW.  

Essential Oils Australia

EssentialOil.net.au is a pet project of ours.  We were introduced to the multi-level marketing essential oil model a few years back and it just didn't ring true for us. 

We met many lovely people, but all the same it was dominated by pushing sales and meeting targets instead of authentic connection. 

Plus we like Australian made - so we went on the search for high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.  And we found them - Australian made.


Lava Rock Essential Oils Bracelet

Our Lava rock bracelet is a high quality offering.  I wear one myself everyday and can personally vouch for it's effectiveness and hard wearing qualities. 

Lava Rock Essential Oils Bracelet

about essential oils australia

90 Day Replacement Guarantee

In fact I stand behind my product, so I am willing to offer a full replacement guarantee for 90 days after purchase.  Should your Lava Rock Essential Oils Bracelet break or fail other than through rough use, we will replace it without charge, simply pay $4 for shipping.

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